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Using our proprietary algorithm, we find your video content and index it using its fingerprint we call a hash. It’s the same way we index millions of other videos all over the internet.


Pexeso then uses this hash to find your video across all of the most popular video sites. Pexeso finds even parts of your videos (clips or mashups).

Take a Closer Look

All matched videos are showed in a real-time analytics dashboard where you can see unique information about the real audience interacting with your content.

The World Is Much Bigger

We put the data into context to give you better idea how your content was discovered over time. You can discover fans from countries you probably have never even heard of.

Monetize & Protect
Your Content


Some networks allow content creators to monetize their content even if it was posted by someone else. We will make sure that you will be paid for your unique content and that no one else will claim your rights.


Take It Down

Sometimes you may not like what you see. We provide you with a one-click automatic system that will send a cease and desist letter to the site owner to take down your video or audio. We will notify you when the action is taken.

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